GODOLA NIGERIA COMPANY is a STAINLESS STEEL dealer and construction company.

We import all sizes and higher grade STAINLESS STEEL MATERIALS AND ACCESSORIES.

We basically import the highest grades such as:

  • Grade 304 Turkey standard
  • Grade 304 100%
  • Grade 304 Ordinary

We supply stainless materials and accessories to anywhere within Nigeria.

We construct, fabricate, and install STAINLESS STEEL FLAG POLES, both internal and external, with the best and highest quality stainless materials and accessories, guaranteed.

We construct and install the latest designs of STAINLESS STEEL RAILING and GLASSES designs. Our glasses designs include:

  • 10mm thickness dark gray glasses, tampered and non-tampered
  • 10mm thickness clear Glasses, both tampered and non-tampered
  • 10mm thickness blue glasses, both tampered and non-tampered
  • 10mm thickness green glasses, both tampered and non-tampered
  • 10mm thickness light gray glasses, both tampered and non-tampered
  • 10mm thickness customized designs of flower, names, logos

We always advise clients/customers on the latest designs and patterns that fit your apartment and environment.

We provide a minimum of 5 years warranty on all our stainless steel materials and 10 years guaranteed on the installation.

You don't need to worry if you have tiled or non-tiled floors; we have all the required equipment to work on both.

We are always ready to attend and visit your site anytime and any day.

There's no limit to our work area and environment; we work anywhere within NIGERIA.

GODOLA NIGERIA COMPANY deals in Importing, supplies, construction, installation, fabrication, sales and after sales services of: Stainless Steel/Aluminum Handrails systems, construction and installation of all types and designs of balustrade, fabrication and construction of Water Tank Towers “Stanchion”, installation and fixing of glass shower cubicles, installation of electrical fence security wire with alarm and remote control, sales and supplies of iron and steel of various sizes.